Web Development & Advertising

When Looking for a Search Engine Marketing Company, like Pubbliemme, to manage your website and web advertising. We strongly recommend you look into the success of a companies current client base with case studies on how exactly they helped their client improve their businesses.

A good company can show live results of clients ranking high in the search engine, online pay per click campaigns with impressive landing pages and concrete results that the strategy they put together works.

First – Every business is unique and one strategy will not fit all. A solid strategy in one industry will work for many companies with-in that same industry. For instance, if you company is a chiropractor, a dentist or Automotive website, you may find similarities in the marketing strategy between the three. One strategy may be work for these typically local businesses. However, a software company, executive coaching firm and specialty financial assistance firm who all sell nationally or globally will have much different needs in an online marketing campaign.

Second – what is the on site or on-page strategy they use to build your website bigger and better? Do they use content to do it and is it built by in-house writers or outsourced? Now, one answer is not better than the other. Although, the price tag for in-house writing and management should produce more unique content.

Third – what is the off page strategy? Do they use backlinking or advertising strategies that brings in custom unique sites talking about your website? This normally produces a competitive advantage that your competition can’t match and will place your website on top of the SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Position)

Fourth – Do they manage your (GA) Google Analytics account and provide monthly executive reports on the progress of your website? Having onsite GA experts will help exploit new opportunities to generate business. This could be the secret weapon of an advertising firm can place in your corner to help you win in the online game.

Now you have the four attributes of a good advertising company let’s do the smart thing and get in contact to show you how our clients have excelled when working with Pubbliemme!